Elgin Recreation Center Pollinator Gardens

Elgin Recreation Center Pollinator Garden

Our pollinator garden is a home for pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, insects, and animals! Donators and volunteers help our staff maintain and diversify our garden. Our garden serves as one of our conservation efforts.  

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October 2021 Update: 

A BIG thank you goes out to Down Home Ranch for donating 30 pollinator friendly plants for our Pollinator Garden. Ranchers carefully selected a wonderful array of salvias, turks caps, black foot daisies, and more to help feel our migrating monarchs and other pollinators. 

Volunteers have been working hard to remove the monoculture of grey santolina and replace them with Texas native plants, or adaptive plants that support pollinators at all stages. Debora Marzec and Carlos Gandia have donated over 40 hours of time to this project this month alone! Come check out their hard work. 

With Winter coming, it's more important than ever to provide spaces for insects and small animals to protect themselves from the cold. You can do this at home by providing a wood pile, leaving leaves in gardens, not cutting down dead plants and trees until Spring, or buying insect hotels. Visit the Elgin Recreation Center to see examples of each. 
Wildflower seedlings (1)
insect house
Spanish Copy of Wildflower seedlings (1)
Wildflower seedlings (2)
Spanish Copy of Wildflower seedlings (2)
Wildflower seedlings (3)
Spanish Copy of Wildflower seedlings (3)
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Wildflower seedlings
Spanish Copy of Wildflower seedlings