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Incentives Policy – The City of Elgin and the Elgin Economic Development Corporation strive to work with businesses to facilitate their expansion and or relocation to the community. Incentives are reviewed based on capital investment, job creation, wages, and impact of the company on the community. 

Economic Development Incentives Agreement - 

The City of Elgin's goal in offering incentives is to promote economic activity and increase the City's tax base.  Consideration in offering incentives will be given to those projects that facilitate investment and development opportunities in any location inside Elgin's corporate City Limits. New and expanding businesses are especially encouraged to apply for incentives in the "Main Street District" to expand and develop the downtown shopping experience for the community. 

Economic Development Sales Tax

– The City of Elgin levies a 1/2% sales tax to bolster its economic development efforts. The revenues from this tax are dedicated to the positive economic growth of Elgin. The Economic Development Corporation determines financial assistance based on capital investment, job creation, and wage levels.

Economic Development Programs

– The Elgin City Council determines financial assistance based on capital investment, job creation, and wage levels. We encourage cooperation from other entities that might be willing to grant property tax reimbursements. Applications are considered by the City Council and Bastrop County.

Site/Building Location

– The City’s Economic Development Director, through the cooperation of local real estate agencies and property owners, maintains inventories of buildings and sites available for lease or purchase.

Waiver of Fees

– your construction project may be reviewed and considered for the reimbursement of portions of required fees and permit charges.

Fast Track Permitting

– Elgin will provide direct, “hands-on” assistance in moving your construction project from conception to certificate of occupancy and do it faster than most cities can
explain their process. By comparison to other cities, your savings of time and money will be significant.

Job Training Assistance

– Elgin is prepared to assist in obtaining State-funded assistance. The Elgin ISD and Austin Community College works with businesses and the city to create customized training programs.

Enterprise Zone Designation

– This zone offers a number of State Incentives to assist in business relocations and expansions. There are opportunities concerning sales tax rebates and others. For a full list of opportunities, please ask!

Foreign Trade Zone Designation

– The zone is in concert with Bastrop County and is affiliated with the Port of Corpus Christi. This designation allows sub-zone operators to import certain products from overseas and eliminate or defer customers’ duties.

Deferred Annexation

– The City will, on a case-by-case basis, consider deferred annexation on property outside of the city limits.

The Elgin EDC, the City of Elgin, the Elgin Main Street Board and the Elgin Chamber of Commerce work together to ensure successful business expansion or relocation with cash incentives, discounted property, property tax assistance, small business assistance, and access to state assistance programs. 

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