Elgin, TX: Perfectly Situated

Elgin, Texas, is perfectly situated in Central Texas, 20 minutes from downtown Austin and within 30 minutes of the Tesla and Samsung plants. Our location is ideal for businesses and families, and so are our prices! Homes, for example, cost 49% less in Elgin than in Austin, and 15,000 of them are currently being built. Businesses can benefit from our population growth by hiring residents who would prefer to work close to home. 

Our business advantages include an aquifer large enough to support any size project (a rarity in Texas), affordable shovel-ready sites, multiple power providers, incentives, small business support, multiple transportation corridors, and a fast-growing population with 22 million people located within 3 hours of Elgin. We’re investing in our growth by building new schools, parks, and infrastructure to ensure that this is the best place to start a business or a family in the Austin region. Imagine what your business can do with our support. Contact us for help growing your business in Elgin.