Operating in Elgin makes financial sense

Elgin police vehicleResidents and businesses are fortunate to have an extremely favorable tax environment in Texas, beginning with the absence of state income taxes. Current property taxing entities include Austin Community College, Elgin ISD, Bastrop County, Bastrop County Roads and the City of Elgin. 

Please see the City of Elgin website for current tax rates

The total Elgin sales tax has recently been 8.25%, broken down by:

  • Municipal sales tax: 1%
  • State sales tax: 6.25%
  • Econ. Dev. Sales Tax 0.5%
  • Other sales tax: 0.5%

The Texas Comptroller’s office is the go-to resource for all information on Texas taxation, including sales tax, property tax and other tax rules and codes, such as available sales and use tax exemptions by industry.