Why the SH 130 corridor is crucial to growth in Central Texas

26 Jun 2023


For the past 20 years, Opportunity Austin has worked tirelessly to boost economic diversification and to deepen the talent pool in Central Texas. Our efforts have contributed to the recruitment of more than 800 companies to the Austin region and expansion of 1,400-plus companies. This effort has created more than 640,000 jobs for the region, allowing us to build an economic development foundation in Central Texas. As Opportunity Austin continues to work with many regional partners on industry growth, we must also mobilize talent to meet the workforce needs. We do this with the education and training institutions in our backyard.

One key growth corridor is SH 130 which is located in the eastern area of the region and provides a less-congested alternative to I-35 for north/south travel. The area is an ideal location for business and home life to thrive because it has an abundance of land ripe for development and thoughtful infrastructure planning between the utilities that service communities along the corridor.

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